50 — & counting

I didn’t quite mean to get here!

When I started this blog on December 28 last year, the aim was to try and see if I could stick with it for a couple of months and perhaps produce 20 posts. I wanted to be able to write maybe 20,000 words or so, which might give me the impetus to produce a book.  60,000 words or so later, I think there might be a nucleus of something that could lead to a draft by 2017 (the end of this summer is probably too ambitious).  At any rate, I have work for the summer months and beyond.

So to “celebrate”, I’m just going to post some favourites from my own photographs, with no commentary — just captions.  Some have appeared in previous posts but then they were part of a “story”.  Here, they’re just an assemblage of pictures that I take some pleasure in looking at occasionally.



Man & Child, Hampstead Heath

Man & child.  Hampstead Heath


Tel Aviv

The crow that dreamt of becoming a trapeze artist.  Tel Aviv Port



If you’ve got it, flaunt it.  And she did!  Tel Aviv, 2014


Primrose Hill Andalucia, May 2008

The lookalikes.  Primrose Hill, London


Peaceful coexistence1

Israel in Miniature — sharing space — but no eye contact.  Ve’idat Katowicz Street, Tel Aviv



Wayne Rooney


Lily 3

I’m Winning!  (The competitive spirit).  Lily at three and a half.


Primrose spider web fog fog

The Spider’s Web.  Belsize Park, London


EmptyName 21

I can see you down there.  Yarqon Park, Tel Aviv


Grand Canal, Venice

Venice.  The Grand Canal



Gordes (Vaucluse, France)



Winter, Primrose Hill, London NW3


Wild hair day

After a meeting of the University Senate.  (Dublin Zoo, c.1966)


Tel Aviv

Drawing the Line.  Yarqon Park, Tel Aviv



Sunrise over Canary Wharf from Primrose Hill



Sea, sun, surf and seagulls.  Tel Aviv Port


picturephotograph Tel Aviv

When the sea has an upset stomach!  Tel Aviv Port


Rough sea 1

An unfriendly Mediterranean.  Tel Aviv Port



Rings and things.  Tel Aviv Port



A damp but sunny morning.  Tel Aviv Port


New York 1969

First view of America.  New York, September 1969



At the manicurist.  Catania Fish Market, Sicily


Looking sharp

Look sharp, there!  Barcelona, Gothic Quarter


La Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudí’s La Sagrada Familia (interior).  Barcelona, Spain


Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum (1)  Bilbao, Spain



Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum (2)  Bilbao, Spain



Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 16.16.09

Scale 1: 70+ goods cars @ Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, Utah. (August 1972)  



Scale 2: The “Grizzly Giant”.  Sequoia National Park, California



At Sagres, Portugal


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    • The photo was taken after about 10 minutes of her crowing in sing-song fashion: אני הולכת לנצח! אני הולכת לנצח! And she did!

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